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Diego y Gael.

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Could you talk to us a bit about Earls Court. You had a concert there in 2014 with Bombay Bicycle Club.


ELIE SAAB A Royal Affair Collection

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Matthew Gray Gubler visits Mexico.

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Jack Steadman go for a swim // Shoreditch House

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Thomas Müller stepped up his interview game

Bastian: (to the reporter) You have to speak in Bavarian
Reporter: No, I don’t speak Bavarian but, you know, congratulations for this world cup. (to Thomas) You were…This was supposed to…You were the top striker of the whole world championship. How does this make you feel?
Thomas: Das interessiert mich nicht der Scheißdreck. Weltmeister san ma. Den Pott hamm’ ma. Den Scheiß mit dem Goldenen Schuh kannst du hinter die Ohren schmieren (translation: I don’t give a shit about this. We are the champions. We won the trophy. You can rub that golden boot shit behind your ears) *leaves*

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Jack Steadman // Austin, TX


Jack Steadman // Austin, TX

Best of the World Cup: James Rodriguez.

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The FIFA World Cup 2014 Statistics 

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